Have you been disappointed by so many online businesses sounding like the real thing and then turning out to be harder than you expected?

I was too, so I did some research to see if a perfect online business really does exist.

Happily, I can report that there are several such businesses. Sadly, there are still many that look like the real thing but are not.

So how can you know the difference?

By knowing what I call the Five Features of a perfect business. If the business you are considering offers all five of these attributes you have found a business that might just set you free from a time and money standpoint.

If the business you are considering does not offer all five of these attributes, move on until you find one that does.

Here now are my Five Features of a perfect online business. I hope they help you succeed today!

===> Feature 1 – A Product People Really Want

This begs the question, what do people really want online? Is it money? That would be the obvious answer. But if money is the answer then we would all become brain surgeons and retire rich.

No, it is more than money. It is the ability to make all the money you need without having to learn special skills (more on this later) and while still having a life.

In other words — the ability to make money from home without having to learn special skills.

If a business you are considering offers that you are on the right track.

===> Feature 2 – No Personal Selling

Now this might not apply to everyone reading this, but *most* of us are no Tom Hopkins or Tony Robbins. Those guys could sell anything to anyone.

But how about you? Are you prepared to be persuasive and risk your success on your personal selling skills?

I know I’m not!

That is why it is a must that you find a business that does not require you to sell personally. No hotel meetings. No home parties. No hassling your family and friends.

If the business you want requires personal selling you might want to keep looking.

===> Feature 3 – Huge Rewards Possible

This is important. An online business is just that, a business. As the owner of this online business you should reap the same level of reward that offline business owners receive.

And that should be … big!

After all, the Internet is half a billion people strong with prospects for your perfect business all over the globe.

Why think small?

Your new business should excite you. It should inspire you. It should challenge you. And it should reward you.

If you find a business that tells you thinking small is “realistic” and you need to settle for making 50% on some $20 ebook you need to find something better.

After all, you are worth more, much more, than some 50% commission.

===> Feature 4 – No Special Skills Needed

We touched on this before so let’s look more closely now.

The bottom line here is simple – if any business you are considering asks you to build websites or write books (or articles) or learn HTML or do deep research or do anything you don’t know how to do then please keep looking.

Let me be clear – I am not saying that you should never grow, never learn more than you know now. But I am saying that you should not be *required* to learn these things before you earn big money.

It’s just not necessary. There are businesses out there that you can succeed with – and I mean real success -without learning these complicated things.

Your perfect business should take you as you are and help you achieve all that is possible.

===> Feature 5 – True Time Freedom

What good is money if you never have time to enjoy it?

Your perfect business should require only a few hours of effort from you every week.

That’s right — every week.

How is this possible? It’s possible because of a huge worldwide audience, computer automation and having a proven system that works.

If the company you are considering can’t show you that you can succeed working only a few hours a week (sure, you might work more in the beginning) then you need to keep looking. You deserve better.

How can you find your perfect business? Make a note of the five features listed above. When you find a business that interests you, compare it to the list.

If it matches up you just might have found your perfect business. And finding your perfect business can change your life forever. I know it did mine! I wish you only the best.

Bjorn Blomli is a business man who specializes in finding businesses that offer the greatest rewards possible. You can join him in success by visiting his site at http://EarnMoneyQuickly.com Huge rewards await those who are willing to take action and learn more today. Don’t hesitate. Your perfect online business awaits!

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