In The Perfect Business, Robert Kiyosaki explains how network marketing is literally “the perfect business.” He explains this in such a way that it would make sense to even someone who has never been involved in network marketing. His findings are based on simple observation in reference as to how business should be done.

One of the first things people look for while in high school is their first job. Many individuals continue to work, even after they graduate. Unfortunately, a lot of those same individuals quit school and continue to work. Some people merely graduate high school and look for a job, while some never even make it through college because they cannot attend school and work at the same time. What usually happens from here is that the majority of people wind up working a job that does nothing more than meet their necessary bill requirements – nothing more.

The Perfect Business by Robert Kiyosaki, talks about how people who work a regular job are involved in a never ending rat race. It isn’t long after most “employee’s” obtain a job that they realize they are headed nowhere fast. From there, many people begin to dream of starting their own business. While this remains only a dream for some, for many others, it often unfolds into a reality. Some people succeed, and then there are those who do not. It helps to have a well thought-out plan before starting your own business. You need a product that people will continue to purchase, as well as a small office building, employees, a delivery guy, someone to keep record of payments, etc. – basically, you need an entire staff of individuals to cover all of the other details. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work out for everyone.

Then there is network marketing. In The Perfect Business, Robert Kiyosaki talks about how if you want to be successful, you must become a network marketer. Network marketers not only sell products, they help people. They help others to start their own businesses. The result is a double-whammy of success for everyone involved. When their recruits sell products and recruit other members, the network marketer who recruited them receives a commission off of all their recruiter’s accomplishments, as well as off of all of their recruiter’s accomplishments, and it goes on like this forever. This is how a network marketer becomes rich – not to mention bonuses.

This guide also talks about how there is little to no investment required compared to that of a regular small business. The network marketer is the businessperson. Those who stick with the business see results fairly quickly. Along the way, a network marketer picks up useful business skills. They learn how to talk to people, how to effectively persuade others to purchase their product, and inspire others to become excited about living a life of financial freedom.

The Perfect Business by Robert Kiyosaki discusses how people can turn nothing into something, simply by making one small decision. It is a helpful guide for anyone who wants out of the rat race, and who wants to build a solid future for themselves.

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