Can Total Freedom Be Achieved?

Total Freedom has silently been a part of Empowered Marketing Solutions and this has been a focus again as we have gone through a massive shift in just the last 4 months. Where once we were hip deep in the internet marketing space, we have now taken on a new partner, Jocelyn Jones, and have refined our scope to help anyone who wants to improve their financial conditions.

This process really brought us back to one of our early mentors and the drive to create additional income so you can pay bills, grow income and invest. We made the conscious decision to focus on helping families, individuals and small businesses to achieve a level of financial security where they can achieve what we call Total Freedom.

We spent a lot of time looking at what made some more success than others and some WAY more success than others.

Success Leaves Cues When It Comes To Total Freedom

Much like Napoleon Hill who investigated what many successful business owners had in common, we spent time looking at how other successful people were achieving total freedom. We looked at people like Loral Langemeier, Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Branson, Kevin Harrington, and Robert Craft.

We soon discovered they each had earned their money through different methods. From real estate to television to the internet and paper, they each found success in different areas. this certainly made it a challenge to come up with commonalities and after a lot of digging, we came up with a list of what they shared.

We came up with a handful of things they shared.

What Steps Achieve Total Freedom?

Let’s look at one of the most critical steps. Mindset.

It has been said, “What the mind of man can believe it can achieve”. Great words and often they are looked at positively. The movie The Secret really shone a light on this not too long ago.

What many people forget is this works with a positive mindset AND a negative mindset. So if you believe you cannot cook, then you cannot cook. If you are convinced you lack a skill or talent, then you will lack that skill.

The mind is a truly powerful and yet mysterious thing. Total freedom cannot be achieved without it. How do I know? Well, it is something I have struggled with my entire life and have been able to make a shift which has allowed me to reawaken the desire for total freedom.

Where once I lacked confidence and conviction, now I have absolute certainty with the path I am on. It was a very long road but it has been so worth it.